All information regarding listings from this point forward are brought to you through the internet data exchange (IDX) and fed by the Pocono Mountain Association of Realtors Multiple Listing Service (MLS). These IDX platforms are widely regarded as, what is known in the industry, as lead generation platforms. If you have browsed internet listings in the past, you know you are often prompted to sign up for an account and, after doing that, you are endlessly bombarded with news, new listings, blog posts, etc. Certain features require sign up (like saving searches) but we do not require signing up to look as listings, ever. If you search long enough or look at a ton of properties you may be prompted to sign up, if you do not want to, skip and continue browsing. These platforms are designed to ‘lead generate’ so the pop up may happen, but you will never be forced to sign up.

Hot Sheets

What is a Hot Sheet? Hot Sheets are just quick summaries of changes in listing – in this case, new listings.

If you want to see what’s new to the market, check the hot sheets daily.

Inventory Snapshot

See current inventory levels and the number of new listings. These metrics provide insight on the number of new listings relative to existing inventory and can also be indicators of whether new listings are exceeding sales or vice versa.

Residential Listing Inventory

  • 1117,1166,1188,1236,1227,1211,1174,1081,1042,1027,1097,1201
  • 586,548,539,533,493,411,297,407,432,512,606,662

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Commercial Listing Inventory

  • 278,282,280,292,300,302,311,285,287,320,289,306
  • 33,29,63,41,43,35,37,27,46,52,24,51

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Multi-Family Listing Inventory

  • 29,21,27,27,32,36,36,33,31,23,21,22
  • 8,10,11,9,18,11,7,11,5,9,13,7

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Residential Rental Listing Inventory

  • 179,194,210,193,203,218,213,231,252,208,182,152
  • 101,108,110,110,93,130,72,115,113,81,91,89

Information is deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed. © 2024

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